About Naqqash Kazmi
Naqqash Kazmi is a revolutionary and progressive poet of the Urdu language. He’s a very famous Pakistani poet.

Masters in Linguistics,
Masters in Urdu Literature,
Masters in Political Science
Degree of Law
TENWS Pakistan Tele-communication

Presidential awards(by Gulaam ishaq Khan, Pakistan,Karachi, president of Pakistan)
2nd presidential award (by Farooq Lagari, President of Pakistan Islamabad)
3rd presidential award (by Asif Ali Zardaari, president of Pakistan, Larkana)
Urdu Peace Award 1998(Urdu society, Australia, Sydney)
World Urdu Award(2000, Provencal government, Toronto, Canada)
Modern Urdu federation award(2000, New York, America)
Human rights award (South Asia)
Voice of youth, University of Karachi, 1970

Literary Work:
Co- editor(Mahol) Karachi, 1964-weekly
Co- editor( monthly Huroof) Karachi, 1970-1972
Member of editorial board (Majlis-e-edaraat,weekly) Karachi, 1968-1969
Co-editor (Bazme Urdu)Urdu college, Karachi
Written a lot of columns for Jung News
Weekly (Alfata) Karachi, 1972-197
Member of the board of UNIKARIAN
Member of the board of (Meyaar) 1980-1986
Writer of (Chandi or Samander) 1978-poetry book
Writer of (Rukh-e-sailab) 1992
Member of the board of Art and Literature society, Pakistan
Author of (Afro Asian Writers and their backgrounds)
Author of (Rung-e-safar)
Author of (Daman-e-gul)
Writer of Meeraas
Honorary president of National Cultural Forum, Pakistan
Secretary of Literary committee Arts Council, Karachi-1980-1984
Secretary of Urdu Literature( Sultan-wajid Ali shah, memorial society, Karachi-1983)
Member of public relation committee (RTR)
Member of governing body, Arts council Pakistan-1989-1992
Chairmen of literary committee-1989-1992
Chairmen public relations committee-1991

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Dunya-e- adab magazine July 1995 by Professor Auj-e-kamal
Pazirai, published by Atabarsajid (Naqqash Kazmi number, from Lahore)

Articles written on Naqqash Kazmi:
Newspaper Jung, 7th November 1995, by Jameel uddin Alli
Article by Mahmood Shaam, November 1995, newspaper Jung
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Habib Jalib
Suroor barah banqwi
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Lais Qureshi
Fahmeeda Riaz
Shafee Aqeel
Ashraf Shah
Newspaper Dawn- Showing an inner strength, by Hassan Abidi
The news, by,Dr. S.M Ismail


Early Life:

Naqqash Kazmi was born on 22nd February, 1944 in (Jounpur) utter pardesh. Hi father, Syed Fasi-ullah Kazmi was a famous poet and author of URDU-E-FASI. Naqqash finished his schooling of distinction in 1960. He got an admission in SM’s Science College in 1962. He passed the competency exam and went for the training of Tele-communication engineering. And posted and retired as a divisional engineer phones. He finished his masters in linguistics in 1970 and Urdu literature in 1972. He also received other degrees later on in life, like; political science, L.L.B etc……From 1973-1986 he became a professor and taught in different colleges. During that time he was also involved in different literary activities. On December 14 1972, he married a noble and well educated lady from unikarian( University of Karachi) named Gulzar Fatima and later on had three kids.

The collection contains nazam’s and gazal’s by the sensitive progressive and revolutionary personality of the young poet, which is also reflected in his earlier works, like; ‘The problems and background of Afro- Asian writers’ and ‘Chandi and Samander.’
According to
(Faiz-Ahmed-Faiz), ‘ when I read the poetry of Naqqash Kazmi, I am convinced that greatness is not by the years, but by thoughts and the visions. Kazmi’s poetry did not appear to be moving with the support of others.’

“Suro ki fasal jo tayaar hai tho qeu na kate
Bohot hai ahde jawanni tho que ho umar daraaz”

Naqqash belonged to the clan of the progressives, but most of the poems in his collections speak of his political conviction, siding with the revolutionary forces, fighting for their national entity and freedom——- The Palestinians,south Africans and the Asian nations.

Naqqash Kazmi’s gazal’s show concern for the common people. So much about the ideological aspect of his poetry. A lot of his strength for a young progressive poet to stand against the tide. To defy the pressure. His grasp on the art of poetry and flow in expression, reflects on his inner strength. He his melodious, even while sounding revolutionary. ‘Rukh-e-Sailab’ carries the gazal’s and verses of Naqqash Kazmi, written during the eventful decade of 70′s and the mid 80′s. Kazmi, till a few years ago rated among young poet, is now a mature person with a clear perception of history, but with no change in the ridicule ideas. ‘Daman-e-gul’ he cherished during his youth, this book is outstanding in the sense that gazal’s smile and metaphor’s have been used, given new meaning to words and phrases. ‘Aadhi Zuban ka Aadmi ‘is his fifth book. Its about a collection of poems and about the revolutionary forces of love, entity, freedom and progression and the shadow of the new world order. This book might show a path between the new and the old, revolution, progression and metaphors and personal feelings.

An eminent Urdu literary critic ‘Mohammad Ali Siddique’ has called ‘ Naqqash Kazmi, one of the most eminent poets of the Urdu language.’
“Karo na gam ke zaroorat pari tho hum de gai
Lahoo ka tel charago mai daal ne ke liye”

Other works-
Member of international mushira committee
Former chairmen library and literary committee, Arts council of Pakistan, Karachi
General secretary Urdu, Sindhi literary foundation
Secretary Pakistan writers guild
Member of, society of (Anjuman-e- taraki pasand musanefeen writers) Pakistan, Karachi
Member of Majlis-e- sura , Humdard, Pakistan
Member of International Mushira Committee (sakinan-e- sheher-e-quaid Karachi)
Retired divisional engineers telephones(PTCL)
Former lecturer (Urdu) (Zaiauddin Memorial College, Karachi)
Former lecturer and head of Urdu department( Sirajdula College, Karachi)
Former co-examiner inter-mediate board (Karachi)
Co-editor ( Burg-e-gul) ( Sar Syed number for the course of Urdu MA final year, University of Karachi)



USA, Canada, Australia, England, UAE and Iran